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Hi everyone! Hope you’re enjoying this weekly feature on my website! This week I bring you my thoughts on World War Z. Check out the trailer below.


I’m a huge, huge fan of The Walking Dead. It took me a while to see it first, because I thought I couldn’t handle it {I hate horror movies and things that are terribly scary}, but when I did, I instantly became a fan.

Now, this is a zombie movie. But the similarities end there. Comparing to the ones on the show, these ones are zombies on steroids! Really scary, freaky and almost unbeatable.

I liked the plot, the story was convincing and compelling. There were amazing action sequences and – even though this is fiction – done in such a wonderful way that they were quite credible. Unbelievably so.

I don’t think there were many low points on the movie. I would have softened a bit Brad Pitt’s daughters’ roles, as I think they weren’t as well played as they could, but I thought it was a nice touch to add a new member to the family {specially in the way they did}.

I really liked this movie, I recommend it, but I also hope this stays in science fiction. Can you imagine if that really happened? Well, if it does, I ca only wish there are, not one, but several Brad Pitts all around the world to save the day.

Well done Marc Forster!

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  • September 24, 2013 at 9:01 pm

    I have always been a fan of zombies since the George Romero movies and love The Walking Dead. Like you I was afraid this might be just too intense to see on a large screen so I chickened out and will watch it on the small screen. Thanks for the review.

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