Moneyball Review

Last night, I saw Moneyball, on my quest to see most of the Oscar Nominee Movies. The trailer below, was the only thing I knew about it.


I’m Portuguese. We don’t have baseball, and in 2001/2002 (when all the action of this true story movie happened) I really wasn’t following any kind of sports in America. I didn’t know who was Billy Beane, Peter Brand, Art Howe, Scott Hatteberg, David Justice, and all the others. The only name I had heard before was Carlos Peña. I believe he’s still a good player? Maybe that’s how I’ve heard it? Well, don’t know.

And this was it. But I saw the trailer and I thought it was a good movie to watch. And I was not wrong! Moneyball is a really good movie, specially if you like to see movies based on true life stories. Brad Pitt was one of the producers and it intrigued me. Jonah Hill got some award nominations (as did Brad Pitt), and even though I love his acting, that also intrigued me. Because I had only seen the trailer. Didn’t even know the story behind it.

They all did a good job. I believe the cast worked well together and I enjoyed watching, for example, Philip Seymour Hoffman, who has a good part, and did a great job, as usual. It’s a good movie and even if you’re not a baseball fan, you’re gonna enjoy it. The “streak” part to me was one of the most exciting parts and I even teared up a bit. I was happy for them, and I had never heard about the Oakland A’s. For those of you that heard about this when it happened, back in 2002, you know how it will develop. I didn’t, and I was so sad for them and for Billy Beane.

So, do I think they deserve the nominations? Let’s see again the nominations for this movie:
– Best Picture
– Actor in a Leading Role – Brad Pitt
– Actor in a Supporting Role – Jonah Hill
– Film Editing
– Sound Mixing
– Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

Well, they got 6, and I think they deserve 3, maybe 4.
Best Picture and Actor in a Leading Role, I’m sorry, but I still choose The Descendants and George Clooney. Brad Pitt was really good at it, but I felt it was a bit more of the same thing. And Clooney reinvented himself as Matt.
Actor in a Supporting Role, definitely should go to Jonah Hill. He does such a terrific job, he deserves it. Film Editing and sound Mixing should also go to Moneyball. They way the movie scenes are so well mixed with real footage is amazing. They really showed the story in the best way possible, I think. Writing – Adapted Screenplay… not sure. I chose The Descendants before but now I’m not sure anymore. Any of these two winning, would make me very happy! 

If you haven’t seen it already, go. Right now. Just go. =)

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