Mom’s birthday cake

So, as I wrote yesterday, it was my mom’s birthday and obviously I wanted to make something special for her day. Every year my grandma makes all the birthday cakes in the house and this year we agreed that she would bake it and I would decorate it.

I love to decorate cakes. I don’t do it as well as I would want and the cakes don’t turn out perfect but I love to make the effort and try to get better every time I make one.

I usually use cream cheese frosting or simple fondant (store bought because I do not have the patience to make it from scratch at home) and then decorate it to be the cutest possible. For my mom’s cake ( see the photos below), I used simple white fondant and golden accessories: candles and food glitter. I also made a four leaf clover to wish her lots of luck 😉

The photos below are from some other cakes and decorations I made. =) Have a good day everyone!

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