Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Review

So, yesterday I saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.


 OMG! When I was younger, I had such a crush on Tom Cruise, specially around the Top Gun to Mission Impossible time. But, as time went by, it kinda vanished and he started doing movies I really didn’t like and I thought that Mission Impossible 3, although a really good action movie, was just more of the same thing. So, going to see the fourth of the series, I had medium expectations. I had seen a few action scenes he did when he went to talk shows to promote the movie but still, my expectations weren’t really high.

Gotta say, this is the best Mission impossible so far. Really really is. It’s made to look so real that I moved around like crazy nervous throughout most of the movie. It was almost as I was a part of it. I was nervous they wouldn’t get it and they wouldn’t make it! The choice of music is perfection and the storyline is really new and fresh and, even more important to me, believable. Well, there are a few things they do that we know couldn’t be possible (or do we?) but still, very believable. And the actors chosen to be part of the team along with Cruise, perfect choices!

This is the movie to see, and it’s better to see in a movie theater or with a really great home cinema system. Really, go watch it. Right now. You’ll love it!

Now I’m dying to see the fifth movie. Hope they do it.

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