Michelle Duggar

Today I just want to say a few words about Michelle Duggar’s 20th child. As you probably have heard, she had a miscarriage. I’m sorry if I seem cold but maybe now she’ll listen to her own body? And stop conceiving… Poor kid, but it was probably better this way. A miscarriage is the way that the woman’s body has to say that the fetus is not viable. Sometimes the body doesn’t warn and kids are born with disabilities.


I wish all the best for this family.

Update: on wednesday, 14th, as it’s written in this news article, “Hundreds of mourners joined the Duggar family on Wednesday afternoon to memorialize the unborn child Michelle Duggar lost in a miscarriage during her 20th pregnancy. The reality TV stars of 19 Kids and Counting named the miscarried fetus and passed out ‘artistic’ photos of the baby fetus at the memorial.”. Good Lord. Pictures? I’m speechless. Really.

Another Update: check this news article… I can’t even say a word of what I think of these pictures.

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