May Favorites 2013 Part II: Everything but beauty!


Today’s post features my May favorites – everything but beauty. You can check out yesterday’s post for my beauty picks. =)


This was a great month. Seriously. I got a lot of things done, a lot of them will hopefully help me in the search of a job in the US and in the meantime, I discovered a lot of products that I became (almost) obsessed with. I have two websites, one workout program, four foods, one décor and two tv shows. Hope you like what I have to say today! =)



I started the lean version of this program on May 2nd and it’s taking me a little bit longer that it should (I missed two or three days) but I’m now on Week 4 and I love it! It’s really tough but at the same time it’s awesome! It comes with 12 different workouts that you do according to the schedule. My favorite is the Legs & Back workout but I also love Kenpo (kind of martial arts workout). The workouts are quite long – from 45 to 90 minutes – but totally worth it! I’m not doing the diet at the same time, as they recommend, and I’m sure I would more results by now if I was doing it properly, but so far I’ve lost 4 pounds, which is very cool.


The pic above is what my working area has been looking this past month. A while ago I purchased something on and I won a free 4 or 5 month subscription to Each month awarded me one credit, and most of the audio books are worth 1 credit, so I now have 5 audio books. I’ll be reviewing some of them in the upcoming weeks. I love using the Audible app as it allows you to hear the book while working or doing housework. =)



I’ve talked about Coursera. You can go back and read my post on this. But seriously, this past month was really cool in the learning department. I enrolled and successfully finished three courses and I loved it! Such a nice way to learn new things – and for free! You do need to allocate some time if you want to finish the course with a good evaluation, but it’s worth it. Each of these courses gave me tools that I can actually use. Isn’t that what we want from our education?



I used to love burning incense around the house. I stopped doing it for a couple of years and because of an event at my boyfriend’s gym, I rediscovered my love of incense. I keep all of it in an Avon box and I love most of the scents that I currently have. I find that incense is much more efficient in spreading a scent around the house than a candle. And don’t they look pretty?

Apples as snacks


Again, I used to eat apples – plural – every day. But for some reason I stopped eating as many as I did, to maybe one a week or one even every two weeks. But this month, maybe because of P90X, I found myself craving for apples in the middle of morning and afternoon. And that is the perfect way to snack: eating a piece of fruit. And apples are quite healthy, I mean, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, right?

Wheat Tortillas


Also because of P90X and some internet browsing, I realized that I could eliminate a lot of carbohydrates by not eating the daily ham and cheese sandwich in the middle of the afternoon. Instead of the bread, I now eat a ham and cheese wrap and just by doing that, I eliminated 200 cals per snack. 200! Holy… Well, I didn’t stop here. I love wraps so when we’re having roasted chicken or fish, I eat it in a wrap with a bit of salad, instead of eating it with rice or potatoes. You do need to be aware of the nutritional info as some tortillas appear to be good but then there are a lot of hidden calories. These ones I’ve been eating are really good (and also cheap – they’re sold at Aldi in Portugal, 8 for 0.99€ / $1.20).

Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies


I wrote a post talking about these cookies and if you’ve read it, it’s no news that this is a favorite! The cookie on the photo above is the last survivor of the second batch I made. Yes, I made approximately 100 of these cookies this past month (but I gave away about 50). The ones we had at home were frozen and I took two out every night so we could eat them with coffee at lunchtime. =) Yummers. Oh and congrats to Carol (the founder of the blog I took this recipe from) on the 2000 likes on her Facebook page!

Brita Water Jug


This was also explained on a post a few weeks ago and I love it. It’s so easy and pratical and the water has absolutely no flavor, as it should. I’m glad we bought this as we now have a stylish and healthy way of drinking water.



May is the month for season finales. I enjoyed most of the finales, but Scandal was probably the best. The show is great and it’s been great from the beginning but the last 8 or 10 episodes were mind-boggling! I can’t wait for next season!

I hope you enjoyed this favorites post and I’ll be back in June!… Tomorrow! =)

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