Marquês dos Vales: One of the best wines I’ve tasted =)


I like wine. I don’t drink wine often, mainly on special occasions, and I usually prefer red wine.

But I had to write about this wine. First, it’s from a winery in my hometown! Second, the bottle is so pretty and sleek! Third, the amazing taste made me go back to the white wine wagon. =)

Seriously, this is a really good white wine. On the back tag, it is described like this:
“This mono-varietal has a straw colour with some greenish highlights, complex aromas of tropical fruits and some floral. Very harmonious, its excellent freshness provides a long and seductive finish.”

This may make a lot of sense for those of you that know a lot about wine. I don’t. I usually go by what I enjoy and I have some favorites right now. I have to say that this one is now on top of my list. And that is something really hard to accomplish for a red wine kind of gal. =)

You can learn a lot more about this winery on their website – Quinta dos Vales. And if you’re not in Portugal, I believe you can go to a specialty store and ask if they can get this imported for you. Sure is worth it! =)

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