Mango “Granita”

As I told you on one of my last posts, I’m travelling in “granita-land”. And this post is to let you know my thoughts on mango granita.


So, maybe it was because I didn’t choose the mangoes that well but I’m kinda not a fan. We made it the same way, I tasted the puree to see if it was sweet enough – and it was, so I didn’t add sugar – but then, as it froze, it kind of lost flavor. Don’t know why this happened, but I’m probably gonna try it again with more mature mangoes, as they tend to get sweeter.

Still, it’s a really good way to have something sweet and icy. =)

I am gonna try some other fruits and I know this will be something I will be doing a lot this summer, so I’ll keep you posted on my favorite fruits for “granita”. 😉

Please share in the comments below if you have any suggestions 😉


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