Limitless Movie Review (and a take on a different way to make popcorn)

Check out the trailer for the movie “Limitless” below and click the poster to open a new page with all the info on IMDb.


We had this movie on the waiting list for a while now. It wasn’t one of those that immediately called to me and made me want to watch but on Friday we finally saw it.

The plot is something between the really interesting and really scary. Why? Because if that really happens… would be amazing but at the same time, so so dangerous if in the wrong hands. Resuming in one line it’s a movie about a “writer that discovers a top-secret drug which bestows him with super human abilities.”

I like Bradley Cooper. Also for the obvious reasons, but I do think he’s a good actor. Robert DeNiro is amazing and Abbie Cornish does a great job even though she’s not a main character.

Basically this is a movie that gets us involved and wanting to see what really happens to Bradley’s character. We do want him to succeed, I mean, who wouldn’t want to believe it would be that easy to access the brain in its full form? Imagine how much we could do! At the same time, imagine the wrong a bad person could do… And “the bad one” is also pictured on the movie, so we get it.

The plot is really well written. It’s unexpected to the end and with some nice twists. I LOVED the end. LOVED. You should watch it.

The mind-boggling part of this movie to me is that, last year when I was getting my post-graduate degree, I was a part of an Ethics study, regarding this type of drugs. So, if in Portugal we’re at this point, what kinds of drugs like this are actually out there? Scary. Really.

Well, I also tried a new way of making popcorn. I was working out when I thought about it – yes, sometimes I’ll think about food while working out, sue me – and it basically was doing the exact same thing, but in the oven. I put the corn on a cake pan with a bit of olive oil and covered wit foil. I posted a video on Tout when it started making some noise, but forgot to take a picture afterwards. Fail. eheh

They were pretty good. Smaller but good. =) I’ll try to perfect this way and I’ll post it later.

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