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If you’ve been following me for a while, you may already know some of the things I’ll talk about and the photos above may make sense for you, but for those of you that are new arrivals – Welcome everyone! I’m thrilled you’re here! – this is a needed intro.

I’m a Psychomotricist, specialized in Early Childhood Intervention and prematurity. This means I work mainly with children with special needs and their families, helping them develop to their full potential. I’ve been out of work here in Portugal for almost 2 years. And for a bit over three years, I’ve been doing everything I can to move to the United States and continue my professional and personal life there.

I have a sister living in MA and we’ve visited with her and her husband three times. Each and every single time I’ve been there {there = US}, I’ve felt like I was at home. And each and every single time I’ve come back, I’ve cried most of the flight back home {about 8 hours total}. It’s not only because I miss having my sister at hand, but also because even though I’ve only been 3 times, I really feel like I should be living there.

I love the American culture and yes, I know there are flaws, like in every culture, but I identify myself with the American culture more than my own. It’s hard to explain to someone else how I feel, and I believe that only the closest members of my family fully understand how I feel {and some close friends}. People don’t usually understand, at least.

After hearing the AudioBook I talked about yesterday – Start by Jon Acuff – I needed to make some¬†readjustments. Like I said, the book will make you reassess your life and your goals, but specially, what you’re doing to achieve your goals.

So, I kind of elaborated some sort of mental exercise that I really want to share with you today. It may help you. And I would advise you to do this for every single life goal you have. It may seem like self-help – and in a way it is, you’re helping yourself – but it’s primarily a way to assess and organize yourself. And make you accountable of your own actions.

What’s this exercise then? It’s just a 5 question exercise. 5 simple questions that may frustrate you, may upset you but I’m sure will help you in the long haul.


And to help you a bit, I’ll share with you my answers to these questions, regarding one of my well-known goals.

1. what is my goal: move to the US, to work there in an Early Intervention Program and overall give me, my boyfriend and immediate family a better life.

2. when do I want to achieve it: 3 years ago.

3. what have I done to achieve it: I’ve sent countless job applications {way over 500}, I’ve done an academic evaluation of my degrees by a NY based company {resulted in equivalency to Master of Science in Education in Early Childhood Intervention}, I’ve attended several conferences about Immigration to the US, I did an Online Course on Coursera about Citizenship and Immigration in the US, I’ve exchanged several emails with both the US Embassy in Lisbon and the Portuguese Embassy in the US. I’ve thought and thought and thought of ways to explain to companies in the US that it would be a good bet if they would sponsor me. I would be the best employee. The best. And heck, I’ve even bought EuroMillions lotteries!

4. what did I do today to achieve it: I started an Early Intervention/Psychomotricity website and that may bring a bit more awareness to what I actually do, I sent 6 job applications – 2 to MA, 4 to DC -, I’m keeping myself updated in what concerns to the Immigration Reform.

5. what do I still need to do to achieve it: find a convincing way to show future prospect employers the good employee I would be, and the great things I would do. I realize that sponsorship requires a HUGE leap of faith, I just need to find a way to show I’m worth it.

So, these are the questions that have been on my mind ever since I the book Start, and they’ve been helping me stay accountable of my every action. It may also help you. Try it out. And if it does, share it with your friends and loved ones.

Have a great Thursday!

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