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Hi everyone!

Long time no write, huh?

I took some time off. If you’ve read my last post, you might get a glimpse on what’s been happening for the past few months. It made me feel the need to regroup, analyze and think. A lot of thinking was made since June.

And a lot happened also. I wasn’t – for sure! – sitting in the corner of our bedroom, feeding on nothing but thoughts. I had a very filled Summer.

In a really short way, let me give you a life update and fill you in on what happened since the last post.

I went on Summer break from work.

I tried a somewhat famous detox and I really liked the juices. That made start juicing and even bought a massive and really good juicer. I’m sticking with it (have been for 3 months now #PatsOnBack).

I did my usual Summer cleaning (the most known as Spring cleaning, except that I do it right after I begin my Summer holidays) and ended up on a decluttering frenzy, re-doing parts of the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, and most of our living room.

Took amazing photos of the moon. I still need to read my camera‘s instructions to use it to its fullest.

Got to squeeze in a fun weekend with my boyfriend at my hometown, and we even went to the beach twice and out for drinks once! 😉

We went to the wedding of a friend and it was so much fun! It’s a friend from work so it was the best treat after a year of hard working. She looked beautiful and everything was great.

I spent two weeks with my parents. Went by so fast and so slow at the same time.

Came back home and put together a “Birthday Week” fun experience for my boyfriend’s birthday. I love doing this kind of thing and it was perfect!

We hosted a birthday lunch at home for our friends and all of their kids. And on the same day went to a friend’s house for a surprise birthday dinner (with the same group of friends hehe!)

I started a new work year.

We walked/ran a 10k (I walked, my boyfriend ran like a crazy person – 43min! #proud). It was a fun and different morning with friends.

We bought, brought home and built a sofa from IKEA. This one. I had to put the link up so you could go and check it out and imagine how much work it took. Two cars, 5 hours total, we started at 10pm on a school night. We’re crazy like that. But the living room is looking beautiful.

We bought a new TV. A Samsung Ultra HD 4k TV. Watching movies and Notre Dame College Football was never this great! 😉

I started running a bit, I’m doing 21 Day Fix and I’ve been making the effort to try new things in the kitchen. Last week I made a tomato and tuna omelet with balsamic vinegar, pork kebabs and oven fries, guacamole with oven baked tortilla chips, pesto chicken, pork liver with onions, sausage and chicken pizza, and our obsession – calabrese salad with homegrown basil. While you’re there, follow me on Instagram. 😉

And now, I’m looking forward to the next couple of months. In so many ways, I know it will be filled. With good things and bad things, but always with love, a smile and a hug.

See you guys! I will be back soon with a new one!


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