Liberty American Store

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine told me that an american product shop had opened in Lisbon. And that she immediately thought of me – mainly because I’m sure I talk about american products at least once every time we talk, also because I had made a post about my product needs eheh – and gave me all the info and details a few days later. 

But only today did I have the chance to go there.



As they explain on their website, Liberty Stores is a unique concept, created with the consumer preference in mind for high-quality products imported directly from America and from their best brands. The goal is to innovate continuously in Liberty Stores in order to monitor current trends and consumer preferences for new products in areas as diverse as food, home, garden and restaurant supplies.

I browsed their website and got really hopeful. Finally I would be able to restock on some of my essentials. 😉

With a “list” on my mind, there I went. Gotta say, it’s really impressive the variety and quality of the products. It’s mostly high-end products and mainly in larger quantities. It’s a bit more expensive – they are imported products, after all – but if you really want a taste of your favorite things, there is the place to go.

I bought a few things, would have bought a lot more if I didn’t have my self control in order. I loved how they have a bit of everything but I would love even more if the store was a bit roomier. It was crowded and to really see what was on the shelves we had to be careful not to hit someone. Also, I asked the cashier if the selection of products was always the same, and she told me that they were always receiving new and different products and that on their website they had a suggestion field where you can say which products you would like to see on the store, which is great.

This was today’s loot:


Overall, I loved it, I will be back and I will make some suggestions. I mean, this is the easier gateway for me to get some of my favorites. A girl can try, right? 😉

If you live in Lisbon, even if you don’t have any “favorite” product, go there and visit them. It’s definitely worth the trip 😉

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