Lego Cake

Browsing Pinterest I found some pics of Lego Cakes (see below) and immediately I knew I had to try to make one. So, I gathered info, chose the cake recipe, bought the fondant (I still don’t have the patience to make it myself) and called my friends to come for a taste testing.

lego cake1

lego cake2
It happened last Saturday, Feb 25, after an event for my boyfriends gym, and we had 12 people coming over. So, obviously I went nuts and tried to make it perfect.




Huge fail.


After baking the cake (I used the recipe for Heavenly White Cake and used two different filling – strawberry jam and white chocolate mousse) it all kinda went badly. The fondant I bought was awesome, and I worked it well. But the cake was so soft and moist that it wasn’t covering as well as I wanted. Even so, I covered all 5 Lego blocks and put it to rest a bit while I prepared lunch.




Huge fail.


I put it to rest in my laundry room, which has a huge window, that let in a lot of sun. I forgot that fondant covered cakes and sun don’t go well. So, it melted a bit…

I quickly put it in the fridge but still, it looked funny. Tasted great but looked funny. Not at all what I wanted.

lego cake3

lego cake4

In the end it comes to that, it was tasty but didn’t look the way I wanted it to!

Have you ever tried to make a Lego Cake? Wanna share pics?

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