Leftovers Everywhere! And a suggestion for you to use them!

When I was growing up, I used to hate food containers. Mainly because I hated to wash them. But now, I used them everyday for my leftovers and I can see how useful they are.

Today I wanted to make something different for lunch, so I took all my leftovers from the fridge. I had mashed sweet potatoes, shredded red cabbage, baked beans, cooked peas and corn, some pasta and also took out a bit shredded cheese, bacon bits and tomato sauce.


Basically what I did was to put it all together in a quite orderly way. At least, the way I thought it would go better. Beans, corn, peas, bacon bits, mashed sweet potatoes and cabbage on the bottom layer. Love the colors, right?


Then I added the pasta, the cheese and a bit of soy substitute for cream. Put it in the oven for 20 minutes, just until the top was golden brown.


And it turned out delicious! Really really good! And it was mainly a healthy dish! And a cool way to eat your veggies and protein. =)

leftovers4 There you go! If you hate leftovers, you’re probably not being creative with them! =) You can eat the same things in a different way every time! =)

Oh and just a tip, keep some veggies sliced or shredded in containers at all times in your fridge. It will be easier to use them in meals if they’re ready! I always have some sort of veggie and hard boiled eggs in the fridge. =)

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