Leftover Hamburgers

I don’t like leftovers. Obviously, I don’t throw anything out just because I don’t want to eat it. Usually what I try to do is use the leftovers to do something else.

Yesterday, I had a bit of meatloaf and I wanted something different for dinner. So, I put the meatloaf on the meat processor and I added a few more things:
– about 30g of prosciutto
– 4 or 5 small red radishes
– 1 egg
– about 1/2 cup of frozen spinach
– about 1/2 cup of frozen peas
– about 2 tablespoons of frozen garlic

leftover hamburger1

leftover hamburger2

leftover hamburger3

I mixed all the ingredients for about one minute and the mix got to the point that you can see in the photos above.

As the mix was really moist, all I did was shape the burgers and flour them. No egg, no bread crumbs, no nothing more. Just flour. I fried them in really really really hot olive oil (as it is much more healthy as regular oil – and using really hot oil helps not to absorb much fat) and put them in paper towels to absorb the fat. – YES, I don’t like frying things. I’m a bit neurotic in what comes to leave as less fat as I can in food.

And that’s it! We had the burgers with really simple couscous and it was so good! The texture was so soft that all the flavors kinda melted in the mouth… So good! Simple way to eat a lot of vegetables – even radishes that most of people don’t like – and eat the same thing in a whole different way.

leftover hamburger4

I did the burgers this way but you can try a lot of different combinations of vegetables and whatever you want and like. =)

Have a good week!

leftover hamburger5

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