Laying tiles, saving money =)


This was a renovations weekend. My boyfriend owns a gym, and as a self-employed person trying to save some money, he’s trying to do as much as he can without calling a professional. I mean, with Google and YouTube, everyone can try and do most of the small repairs, right? Well, somewhat right.

Let me tell you about our experience in the past few months.

We both grew up in families that taught us to do a lot of things. We weren’t spoiled and if something needed to be done, as soon as we were of enough age to do it, someone would tell us how to. I painted walls, objects, used tools to dismantle and reassemble items, helped my dad in some of the major chores, and so on. So, when we entered the gym business, a lot of what needed to be done (he bought a used gym and needed to bring it back to life) could be done using just our experience.

We called a few friends and had a fun weekend painting the walls, pizza lunch included. We switched taps, lamps, electric circuits, touched up paint in several places, wash the walls in places with accumulated dust (I’m so thankful for washable paint), assembled furniture, drilled and mounted several items on the wall and floor, and a lot of other cool stuff that I can now do with my eyes closed. But we had never laid tiles.

The locker rooms have tiled walls and some of them were broken. So, we needed to replace them. To pay a professional would cost a lot, specially now, so, we took matter to our own hands.

We had some extra tiles in the warehouse so we marked them and asked someone to cut them. And today we bought the adhesive cement. I mixed the paste while my boyfriend took the broken tiles from the wall. It worked out pretty well, the first 3 tiles were actually kind of easy. The other 2 were three or four┬ámillimetres bigger than they should. Our solution? Sand paper! Seriously, who knew? And it worked! (When I was laying the second tiles of this batch, I actually broke the tip, but we super-glued it and it looked okay. Oops!) Next weekend we’ll move on to grouting. But that’s next weekend. They need to completely dry before grouting and during the week there’s no way we could do it.

I believe that laying a full wall or floor of tiles would actually be easier than this was. There wouldn’t be the need to exactly match the size. There would be a different, simpler planning. That’s a project for sometime in the future eheh

So, today we’re feeling great. And self-sufficient. And proud. We laid tiles, for crying out loud! =)

Have a happy Sunday and an ever better week!

Oh and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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