July is here! Tidbits post. {or a catch up of my past few days – lots of pics!}


Hi everyone! Can’t believe July is already here! June flew by and it usually doesn’t {it’s my birthday month}

I haven’t done a tidbits post in a while and right now it’s the perfect timing. The past few days have been a bit more crazy than usual, with a lot of travelling around, so I’ll fill you in with a quick post with lots and lots of photos. =)

A couple of weeks ago we got a special delivery in the mail: cherries! Handpicked by my bf’s mom from their farm and they’re always really delicious! Just look at them? Don’t you just want to jump into the screen? Amazing!


On Wednesday I got these amazing wallpaper samples in the mail from Farrow & Ball =) And I’m already having lots of ideas of how to use them =)


Last Thursday I drove to my hometown with my dog, mainly because we had a Christening this weekend and she couldn’t come with us – so she’s taking a break from us eheh and she’s having a fun vacay with the grandparents. =) It’s not a really long drive – about 3 and 1/2 hours – but it was scorching hot. And my car does not have air conditioning. With temperatures over 40ºC / 104F. Yes. Melting. My poor dog didn’t get much sleep and she was really tired when we arrived.


So, we arrived and I spent the whole afternoon with my mom, basically helping her out with work. Even if just for a bit over 24 hours, it’s always nice to spend time with my parents and grandma.

Friday after lunch I drove back home and – you probably guessed it – it was even hotter. I had a major headache because of that but… oh well. Nothin I can do =)

Quick important note: if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see a lot of photos throughout the day/week. =)


Then, on Friday night, just before driving up to my bf’s hometown – another 3 and 1/2 hours – we went to a friend’s birthday dinner. We got to his hometown at around 4.30am. Yes, 4.30am. And after 600miles in two days. Thankfully we got to sleep in, as the Christening was at 4pm. =)

On Saturday we had the Christening and it was basically our day. These kind of events in Portugal are really a full day kind of thing, and this one wasn’t different. The baby is really cute – we met him when he was one week old and right now, after 3 months… he’s huge! But so so so cute! =) He wasn’t having it at church but everything ended up going smoothly and the whole day was really cool. =) Here’s a medley of just a bit of the food served. By the way, everything was made by my bf’s family. And it was delicious!



And there you have it! My past few days in a nutshell. =)

Tomorrow I’ll be back with either a June Favorites or a recipe! Still haven’t decided! =)

See you tomorrow! Have a great day!

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