J. Edgar Review

Yesterday we saw J. Edgar. Watch the trailer below.


I have to say, I now know how little I knew about J. Edgar Hoover. I only knew, basically, that he was the creator of the FBI. And I guess that was it. Not that bad, for a non-American, I think.

Leonardo DiCaprio does an awesome job as J. Edgar. As you can imagine after reading the sentence above, I never saw any footage of the real J. Edgar talking or anything like that, but the way he talks is so unique that I can only imagine he did an amazing job at mimicking him. Also, I learned a couple interesting things, that I won’t say, as I prefer for you to see for yourself in the movie. Will just say one thing: conspiracy theories or plain reality? I think I’m gonna google a lot about these things.

For me, three performances were close to perfection: Leo as J. Edgar, Armie Hammer as Clyde and Judi Dench as J. Edgar’s mom. Wow. Really. And watching Armie Hammer in this makes me want to follow his career. Kudos! =)

So, in four words: Go see the movie. 😉

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