It’s Spring!! Birthday, photos, Xmas mugs and nails!

Today is the first day of Spring! Doesn’t it make you want to open all your windows to let the cool spring air come inside? No, it’s still really cold out. 🙂

Today is also my brother in law’s birthday! Happy BDay John! I’m sure you’re having a really great day with my sister – and I do hope all that snow goes away soon to let the flowers bloom =) I love snow but the place where they live is so beautiful in the Spring/Summer time! So, congratulations B-i-L! =)

First thing I did this morning when I was preparing my coffee, was to retire my Christmas mug. I think I talked about before and I’m sure I instagrammed it around Christmas time. It’s a special mug and because of that I want it to last for a long time. With that in mind, I think a good time to retire it is the first day of Spring. Three months of use each year is probably enough. See ya in December mug!

After having my coffee, I took Nev outside for a quick walk and took these photos of the flowers blooming in our building garden right now. Not as many as we had last year, but I think last year around this time it was actually warmer. And we’re having a semi-sunny day. Good enough. =)

But then I did my nails. And which nail polish did I choose, you may ask? Well, I chose 5 eheh I decided I needed some colors and a rainbow manicure would be appropriate for the first day of Spring. So, I chose 5 Cliché colors that I had at home (review on these nail polishes coming soon) and got my materials ready.

You may remember that round box from my “How To Make Your Own Nail Polish Remover Disks” video, that’s the nail polish remover disks I’ve been using for more than a year (I just put new disks and make it all over again when I run out of them). If you don’t remember, or never watched it, click here. The two other nail polishes on the photo below are my Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat and the Oriflame Crystal base & top coat (that I only use as a base coat).

And this was the final manicure! I think it looks cute – and it wasn’t the first time I used it. I’m not ashamed to use it outside either eheh =)
So, I hope you enjoyed this all-over-the-place post and have a great first day of Spring!

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