It’s already June 18 0_o

Today is June 18 and it’s the first birthday of the first nephew of one of my best friends (btw, PARABÉNS 😉 ). This just makes me once again think of how fast time goes by. It seems that just a couple of weeks ago she was telling me that her sister-in-law was pregnant. Incredible.

Also, this makes me think that usually around this time of the year, I’m complaining of the amount of work that still needs to be done at school. The last reports of the year, the last parent-teacher meetings, the last days with the kids, the last fun activities with them.. And this year, nothing.

It’s such a strange feeling and I do realize that if I went back to a full time job tomorrow, I would probably be complaining again in a few months, but… that’s how the human being is, right? We always need to have something to complain about.

This summer I don’t have plans. Only some things talked about with friends, a couple of weekends doing something fun, two weddings, but nothing else. I don’t need to go on a vacation. To rest from what? Being at home? It’s not that I have been sleeping the whole day or just do nothing, but still. I was accustomed to a more than full time job – anyone that works in special education or at a school (and is responsible) knows what I’m talking about – and going from that to zero working hours is tough.

I’m not gonna stop until I have a job. And I’m not gonna stop until I get to be where I want to be in life. It’s like one quote I keep on sharing:


I do have a lot of things I want to do. And I have a lot I want to accomplish even before 2013 so, keep up and bare with me while I do it! 😉

Sorry for the seriously random, but this was on my mind the whole day and I just needed to share. =) To thank you for reading this, I’m sharing two of my favorite songs right now, that kinda get me pumped =)

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