My parents are the best for lots of reasons. If I wasn’t already sold on that, they gave me as a birthday present an iPad 2 in June. Obviously, I loved it! I had been saying for a while that I would love to have one, but I never thought they would give me one, as it’s so expensive.

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I use the iPad all the time, everyday. For someone that never used an Apple product, having to sync and use apps can be a little disheartening, I guess, just because you can feel a bit limited. But, as you start to use it, and take some time learning all the bits and pieces, you’ll see you can do so much with it! I’ve used Apple products since 2009 so, it was easy for me to configure mine and search for my favorite apps.


Apple products use a specific operating system called iOS. Recently they released the iOS 5 and, I got to say, I love the changes! One of the best, in my opinion, is iMessage. As you can read on their website, the iMessage “lets you send and receive unlimited text messages between iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users over Wi-Fi or 3G. Since iMessage is built into the Messages app, you can send photos, videos, locations, and contacts, too. Messages are securely encrypted. And if you have more than one iOS device, iMessage keeps the conversation going across all of them”. What this means is that my sister, who lives in a different continent, is just a text message away! And I love it! =)


Another new feature that I love is the iCloud. This is a virtual platform that stores the information you want it to store, and automatically syncs all your Apple devices. This means that you can add an event on your iPhone, and it immediately shows on your iPad. It’s really handy and I highly recommend it. Just one thing: if you use one iTunes account for your household, and two or more different people use it, you’ll get all contacts, events and whatever you wish to sync, on ALL the devices and you probably don’t want that. This can be easily overturned just by creating different iTunes accounts for all the users.

Some of my favorite apps, that I use probably everyday are (you can see their icons on the gallery below, they’re in order):
Gmail (Google recently released their own app, and it works beautifully);
MyPad+ (the best Facebook app I’ve tried);
Twitter (I use it all the time and Twitter keeps releasing improved versions, which is great);
Safari (my favorite browser to use on the iPad);
Nightstand Central (as it’s called, it’s my nightstand central, shows time, date and current weather);
Youtube (I’m a subscriber of several channels that I love to keep update to and also check for new videos often);
Portuguese Media: Público, TSF, Diário de Notícias, Jornal de Notícias, Sapo News, TVI 24, Rádio Comercial, RTP, Correio da Manhã;
International Media: CNN, Fox News, Reuters, The Weather Channel, The Oprah Magazine, NY Times, Associated Press (I told you I was a newsaholic);
FaceTime (I use it all the time, has a really good audio and video);
Instagram (just love the possibilities with this app);
Dropbox (to keep all my documents close);
Min To Go (the best timer there is, I use it all day long, in several types of activities);
HauteLook (the app is so good I stopped using HauteLook on the computer).

There are also a lot of other apps that I use, specially cooking apps, that are really good. Check All Recipes and Whole Foods if you like to try new recipes.

In what comes to games, I have a system. I call it Games A and Games B. In Games A I have the games I use the most. Angry Birds, all kinds, Wally, Trivial Pursuit, Sudoku, Snoopy’s Fair. It changes quite often as I get bored a lot with the games I try. In Games B I have the games I like and don’t play often but still don’t want to delete. Easy, right? eheh sorry about the quality of the pictures, but you can get the idea. 😉

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 4.32.40 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 4.34.09 PM

So, the general idea is that, while the iPad is a great tool and great device, you need to take some time to really configure it to meet your personality. If you do, if you take that time, you’ll have the best device you can get. 😉 Have fun!

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