Introducing: It’s the most wonderful time of year!

It’s here! I’m starting with the Christmas countdown! =) And by countdown, I mean a lot of great series, holiday recipes, shopping guides, tips and tricks and everything related to the holiday season.

It won’t be the topic of every post from now up to Dec 25, but I have lots of planned posts that I’m sure will help you.

Today I’m introducing my Holiday Gift Guide.

logolojaI’m so proud of this image! Made it myself from scratch! *pats back*

If you click on the image above or on the same image in the right sidebar of my website, you’ll be redirected to my Amazon shop. Yes, it’s an affiliate shop but I’m using it to give you a more visual and easy to browse gift guide. You can choose to buy it from there or from somewhere else. We’ll still be friends if you don’t.

But seriously, that’s a really easy way to put together some ideas of gifts for the people in our lives. I decided to have 6 categories:

– Women
– Men
– Baby/Toddler/Children
– Newborn Parents or Parents-to-be
– For the home
– Splurge

The women, men and children categories are quite self explanatory. The newborn parents or parents-to-be is something I added because it seems that in the past 3 years, there’s always someone pregnant on my group of friends and I added some products that I think are really useful. The categories for the home and splurge hold the most expensive items, but especially the home category holds items that not only I would love to have in my dream home, but that I believe are extremely useful in a home. The splurge – as the name explains – holds those items that may not be exactly a necessity, but could be great gifts.

I have some of the products throughout the guide, and I wrote something extra on those. Other products were recommended by a lot of people I know and the rest of the products I browsed and tried to find the best.

As a gift guide built in a store format, some of the items are a bit more specific than I would want. For example, in the Women category, there’s coconut plantain Yankee Candle, but the main idea that you should read from that is “yankee candle anything”. Not just this scent.

I’ll be adding products as I browse a bit more and think more about Christmas presents – and the promos start to come to life – so if you didn’t find an idea that you loved, check back for new items!

I’m excited!

I love Christmas and I’m feeling that this year we’ll have a ball!

Have a great Thursday and see you tomorrow!

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