I don’t know if you have heard about Instagram. I heard about it a few months ago but it didn’t sound appealing. Don’t know why. I only used it two or three times and only because I liked the effects we could apply to our photos.

A week ago or maybe a bit more I started to see Instagram accounts everywhere. And really amazing photos. So I did a little research and now I’m kinda addicted.

So, what is it you might ask? It’s an app that you can use on both Apple and Android systems, that you control from your phone or tab and lets you upload your photos for everyone to see. It’s really simple: you take a photo, apply the effect you prefer, adjust the clarity and intensity, add a caption and choose if you want to post in any of your social accounts. =)

After this, you can add friends, check their photos (like and/or comment) or just browse on the see if Instagram pics.

I’m absolutely in love with this and I’ve discovered so many amazing photos and even artists! Totally recommend you to check it out if you like these kinds of apps. If you do, don’t forget to look for me. My username is “slinha”.

I’ll leave you with some of my photos. You can see every photo on my Instagram.

Sofia @ Something on Everything

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