I’m loving this juice! Apple, orange and lemon =)

I’ve had a juicer for about two weeks and I haven’t had the chance to use it. But today I did.

I read and seen a lot of juice recipes online and I decided that the combination of orange, apple and lemon could be good. So I tried it. And I loved it! I made enough for one glass for me, but now I made two servings that are now chilling in the fridge for our dinner.

This is what you’ll need, for about 14oz (0.4L) of juice – it will obviously vary depending on how juicy the fruit you’re using is:

– 3 oranges, peeled
– 4 small/medium apples (golden apples in this case, but gala apples would probably be even better)
– 1 thick slice of lemon
I peeled the oranges and left it on the apples and lemon. I love how the lemon peel is actually kind of sweet.
Granted, after juicing, it’s not the best looking drink. But, after you mix it and taste it… you’ll love it!
I’m sure I’m going to make this often, and that I’m going to try different combinations in the next few days. =) Loving my juiceeeer! eheh
Have an amazing day!

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