I’m back, with lots of new things to share with you!

And here I am once again, back to the daily posts! But now with some changes.

As you can see, the website has a new layout and some new features. I like this layout. I’m now self-hosting a WordPress.org website and so far it’s been great. I started working with Bluehost.com and, once again, it’s been great so far.

The website right now is a bit more user-friendly and even though it’s fancier, it’s actually a lot simpler than it was before.

There’s a main page, where the last 10 posts are shown, a menu bar on top with the main categories (Beautiful Randomness, Beauty, Food, DIY, Portugal, USA and Get to Know Me – the About me section). Right below the menu bar, there’s a slider with one or two posts from each category that I want to highlight for a particular reason.

Even if you miss any of the posts, there’s a widget on the sidebar to the right with the latest and most popular posts. If you want to have an idea of the posts I’ve written since October 2011, you can also check the archives widget a bit below on the sidebar, with a collapsible menu – I’m such a nerd but I’m really excited about this collapsible menu!

The ways to follow me or the blog aren’t that different. You can follow it on Bloglovin (if you don’t use Bloglovin, I really recommend it, that’s the way I keep up with my favorite blogs) or on any of the social media represented to the right of the logo, on the top of the page (some also on the sidebar). I added these cool buttons so it would make it easier for you to find and connect with me. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and Linkedin.

Another cool thing that the website now has and is fully functional, is the search button. On the top of the page, on the right to the logo, the last button is a search widget. Just click on it and search for any keyword. If I’ve written about it, it will show up!

I hope you enjoy it, keep up with me and share it with your friends!

The last month was full of experiences, news and I have a lot to write about. Just to give a small hint of tomorrow’s post, I’ll leave you with a photo. 😉

See ya tomorrow!


Sofia @ Something on Everything

I'm a 32 year old Portuguese Psychomotricist / Early Intervention Specialist that loves to write about everything! Here you'll find a lot of different and great topics, but lately I've been loving to write about Food, Fitness and DIY! Hope you enjoy it and follow me on a journey to a better self! Aside from the social media links on the top of the page, you can also connect with Sofia Linha on:Google+