I’m back! Updates, changes and what you can expect from Something on Everything =)


Wow, it seems like forever since I last wrote here. Actually, it was only one month. But in blog years, that is almost forever.

It was an eventful month, for sure. There’s a lot going on right now, and I just finished a two month long course on entrepreneurship. It was nice to be back on a “classroom”, even if it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. I believe we should recycle and broaden our knowledge every time we can. But I got to connect with a lot of very different people, and that is always very interesting and enriching.

I’ve been trying a lot of recipes, doing a lot of DIY projects, watching lots of movies and tv shows. BTW – we started watching Breaking Bad and we’re currently obsessively in the middle of season 2. Wow! So many thoughts, so much to say about it. Will make a post after we watch the whole 5 seasons, for sure.

But I’m rambling. Back to Something on Everything.

I love blogging. I love reading blogs and connecting with fellow bloggers and readers. But I specially LOVE writing.

For some reason, inspiration was running low in the past month. Because of that, and because I hate promising things and have them fall through, I decided to take the month off. So I did.

And now, after one month away, I have lots of great new ideas, not only of blog posts that I’ll be writing in the next few days and weeks, but ways to organize the blog. So, I’ll be having three fixed posts every week, and have the four remaining days as “free topic” days.

Saturdays – Movie Reviews {it used to be on fridays, but friday is our movie night and it only seems right to review it on the blog on the following day}

Sundays – Round-up posts {always on a specific topic, with posts from my website and from others}

Mondays – Inspiration of the week {got this idea from watching one too many TEDx videos online, they’re always so inspirational, right?}

Tuesdays-Fridays – free topic days – Not promising one post every day, but I’ll do my best. Posts will remain as random as they’ve been so far, from recipes to DIY to politics to general opinion. I’ll be having guest bloggers also in the upcoming weeks, so keep tuned!

And this is what I’ve been up to. I’m sure you understand that sometimes even bloggers need a bit of time away from the blog. But I still love this, I’m still committed to writing here. And I’m excited! 😀

See you tomorrow! =)

Sofia @ Something on Everything

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