I’m a dog person.

I’m a dog person. Cats usually don’t like me. Maybe because I’m scared the hell out of them and they know it. Unless they’re seriously calm and small and babies. Babies like newborn. Anytime after 3-4 months and they start to feel I don’t like them and they start hissing and try to harm me. Yes, they do, I’m not neurotic. Dogs love me; cats hate me.

So, why am I writing this? Because I harbored a baby cat that we adopted on Friday and we gave as a birthday present to one of my closest friends. Was it smart to go get a cat while having a lovely and cute and full of personality doggie in the house? No. Not smart. Dumb, Soffes. Really dumb.

Maybe it was because I saw some horror movies with cats. Maybe. I don’t trust cats.

The cute pictures of cats in the gallery below are just to show you that I think cats are cute, but definitely I prefer seeing them at my friends’ houses. =)

Also, my baby. The perfect doggie. That loves me and doesn’t scare me.  


And if you’re wondering, my friend loved the surprise and he’s really happy with the new addition to the family! =)

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