“I want to go to there”

I don’t know if you recognised the words on today’s blog post title. If you’re a 30 Rock fan, you know it. If you’re not, this is an expression that Tina Fey’s character, Liz Lemon, frequently uses when she’s talking about a place where she really wants to be.

To me, that place is not my birth country. No news here, if you know me personally or have been following my blog.

I have the best family and friends that one can ask for. But this is not the place for me. I don’t fit here. I’ll never be completely happy here. And those of you that know me personally, this is also not news.

Even before I became just one more on the unemployment tab in 2011, even before I visited the United Sates for the first time in 2009, I knew that – even though I love my country and I’m proud of being Portuguese – this is not where my future is.

So today, sorry for the short post, I’m talking once again about this. Maybe because some people that surround me – not family, not friends – keep on proving that I don’t fit here. And it’s not a case of “running from a sinking country” or “turn your back on your people” like I’ve heard. It’s something I have to do for me.

And because of that, the words I keep hearing inside my head today are: “I WANT TO GO TO THERE”.
Because I deserve it.


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