Humans really learn best from trial and error =)


We do learn best from trial and error. It’s by making a mistake that we know what we shouldn’t do. I truly believe in that.

In what comes to cooking and baking, that’s kind of my motto lol Specially if I’m doing something really different from what I’m used to. =)

Next week I’m baking a rainbow cake. I’ve worked a bit with food coloring – with red velvet cake and green cupcakes – but I’ve never done anything like this. I do like a challenge, but I’m also a perfectionist and I want to excel at it. =)

So, I’ve been making some test trials and… while some have gone quite well, others… have left a mark lol

I wanted to write this post mainly because this is something I believe in. If you don’t try different things, out of the box even, you may pass on opportunities and great findings. Not only in baking or cooking, but life. =)

And now, I’m gonna watch the second Portugal match in the European Championship. =) Go Portugal! eheheh

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