How to remove and reuse Yankee Candle Wax Melts =) Or any other brand. Even homemade. =)

I really like burning wax melts. I think they have a pretty lasting scent and one usually is enough to make my house smell amazing. But I sometimes feel bored if I’m burning the same one until the scent is gone.

So, I do exactly what I’m gonna show you on this blog post. I remove it from the burner and reuse it whenever I want.

All you’ll need is a cupcake tin and plastic wrap. And patience. =)reusewax1

First, you need the wax melt to be completely liquid. If your burner is like mine, made of glass, you’ll need to be careful, because it’s hot. Carefully, pour the wax in the cupcake tin. You should use something to cover the surface if anything goes wrong.

This is what you’ll end up with:


Carefully put the tin in a place where you can safely let cool completely, until solid. While you’re waiting, you may want to clean the burner. You can do this is some different ways. This is how I do it: heat up to be able to clear most of it with a paper towel; then, wash it with a sponge. The residue that will still be there – specially if you use glitter like me – can be easily removed by heating the small areas.

After all is clean and the melt is completely cool, you can easily remove it just by flipping the cupcake tin.

Next, I put the melt in plastic wrap so the smell is somewhat contained and it doesn’t get any dust or any other residues.

So, I hope you like this and share this tip with your friends! =)


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