How to buy online – Part III: my favorite websites to save

This edition of How to buy online will feature my favorite websites to save. Some I’ve used a lot of times, other I haven’t because they don’t ship to Portugal or accept credit cards from outside the US, but I do know them well and know they are great for saving money. =)

Every one of the websites I’ll talk about will have a logo next to the description; if you click the logo, you’ll be redirected to the website. Some of them will have my referral links, I won’t lie. I’m guessing that if you haven’t registered already, why not? =)

Let’s start, shall we?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with ANY of the websites I’m going to mention. I just like them a lot and thought it would be nice to share.


amazon logo

Well, this had to be the first on the list, even though I’m not organizing this by importance. Amazon has been my go-to website when I want to buy something for a cheaper – sometimes less than half – price than in a store here in Portugal.I buy everything from electronics to dog products to yeast. They also have a lot of sales year-round and lots of products marked with free shipping (when you spend a specific amount).For the Portuguese readers, I recommend using the Amazon UK, even though the prices are sometimes a bit higher than the US version. That way you won’t pay importation taxes.

Also, subscribe to the newsletter so you are always informed of their sales and special events.

Note: you can sell your items on Amazon, but I never did so I can’t say anything about it.


ebay logo

I’ve been an eBay user for a long time now and I’ve bought a lot of great things there. Read the first part of this series to see which things you should be aware of when buying things in auctions. The best part of eBay is that they sell almost everything. But that’s also the worst part. You’ll find SO many things, and sometimes it will be difficult to choose. If you choose wisely, being aware of shipping prices, seller positive feedback, item location and item condition, you’ll be fine.If something wrong happens, they have an amazing customer service. Just talk to them and they will fix it.



This was definitely one of my most cherished discoveries from around last year. I raved about Ebates lots of times, I have a post that I wrote about a year ago explaining how it works and they have only been getting better and adding more ways to save!Seriously, this is probably the easiest way you have to save money. They get you coupons and cashback on most of the 1500+ store they’re affiliated with. They also have Daily Double cashback and it’s different everyday!I do recommend that you sign up for their newsletter so you don’t have to go to the website everyday to find out which deals are doubled and so you don’t miss their quite frequent huge sales and events.


hautelook logo

I adore this website. Described on their website: “HauteLook is a premier members-only site that offers private, limited-time sale events on the world’s best brands. Each day, members receive an email invitation to the newest, most exclusive sale events on the best merchandise for men, women, kids, home and beauty – at prices up to 75% off retail. HauteLook is free to join and everyone is welcome – there are no commitments or charges for membership.“They have the most amazing sales. Seriously. You need to check it out.I do have a huge pet peeve with them. They don’t accept credit cards from outside the US and they just started shipping to Canada and Australia. I’ve complaint A LOT, had a few chats with them and I’m hoping they change this. I mean, I’ve made my peace with not being able to buy for me (it’s probably good, I would go broke, and would pay taxes from hell in customs), but I would love being able to buy something for my sister and brother in law without asking them to use their own credit cards. Not cool. But they do have a good service.I’ve heard – from my sister and some other people I know – that they do have a slow shipping, but… I would be able to live with that. =)


groupon logo

This is a website I use both in their Portuguese and American versions. They provide vouchers for a specific product or experience at a lower price than retail.I’ve got great deals here and I do know they’re even better in the US version. They send a daily email with the sales they’re having and most of the times, the sale only lasts 24 hours. But it’s quite convenient to get the email – that way you can always see if something is interesting. Oh and the products and/or events are specific to the location you choose. For example, my US website’s location of preference is Boston. I receive emails regarding this area and the national sales. But I am able to check other locations’ offers also, while on the website.

Google Offers

google offers logo

This is Google’s take on a Groupon-like website. It works the same, but has different offers. You can also choose a specific location or browse other locations’ offers.It’s still on its Beta version but I’m confident it will work for a long time.

Beyond The Rack / Retail Me Not

beyond the rack logo

I put these two websites together because I haven’t used it directly myself, even though I do know they’re good.Beyond the Rack is similar to HauteLook, with several sales events lasting for at least two days. They send a daily email with the new events, so you don’t miss a good deal. They usually have great deals on Keurig k cups. =)


retailmenot logo

Retail Me Not is mainly a community-type coupon website.They have not only online coupons, but also printable coupons to use in-store, which is great. Everyone can share a coupon code with the rest of the community.


QVC logo

This one is probably well-known to you. I also had heard about it a lot but did not know that QVC had a regional website in the UK. Just found out about that a few weeks ago. They also have two or three more in Europe, but they only ship nationally. QVC UK ships to every European country. And that is perfect to me, even though they don’t carry the same products and they don’t have as many sales and special prices as the US website.But for those of you that live in the US or Canada, wow. QVC has a lot of great deals! Obviously, not everything is that interesting but they do have some really cool things at lower prices. If you don’t know it already, check it out!


Last, but not least, newsletters.

Every day I receive about 20 newsletters. Why? Every website that I’m interested in that has a newsletter option, I subscribe. This is the main channel for those websites to advertise sales and special events. Most of them will even have exclusive newsletter subscribers promo codes and if you’re not in, you’re loosing deals!

Granted, you probably won’t use all of their promos, but once in a while there will be a really cool deal that you were only aware of because you subscribed.

My recommendation is: if you like a website, if you think it may be a possible place for shopping, and they have newsletter option, subscribe. You never know.

On the last part of this series I will share a few tips to help you prepare for the upcoming Holiday Shopping! =) Stay tuned!


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