How to buy online – Part II: saving as much as you can

I’m a nut for savings. I’m always looking to find the best deal possible. And since I got unemployed, it became even more important to save.

I have a few tips to share with you today. If you have more, please feel free to share in the comment section. It will not only help me but everyone else that reads this post.

The anatomy of an online search for a deal in three simple steps

First things first: search for the item you’re looking for.
You can go to the websites of your choice, or you can go to Google. When trying to find the best price, always look in at least 3 websites.
Compare the prices with the local in-store prices.
It’s not worth it to buy online if the price is higher, obviously.
Search for coupons or cashback.
There are several websites that offer coupons and cashback (check out the EBATES section below). If you don’t have an Ebates or similar cashback provider website account, all you need to do is, again, Google it. If you’re looking for a coupon, just google “ coupon”. Chances are there will be a lot of websites with valid coupons. Just try them out at the checkout. I’ve saved A LOT by doing this.

If you do this, you will already save a lot. But here are other things you can do to save a bit more.


When you’re watching an auction, don’t bid until it’s closer to the end. I usually only put up my maximum bid in the last 60 seconds. Doing that will make it harder for other bidders to outbid you. But keep a closer eye on the auction in the last 5/10 minutes, so you get an idea of the other bidders activity.

Also, on eBay, you now get to “make an offer”. It’s like you’re bargaining and it usually works.



Amazon always has a lot of good deals. And in all sorts of products. If you register on any of the Amazon local websites – I use when I’m buying things for my sister and brother in law, and when I’m buying things for us (so I won’t pay import taxes) – you will also get access to their special sales and coupons.

In some countries, Amazon also has cards – credit and/or debit – to which you can associate your account and save even more (refer to your local Amazon website for more info on availability).



As mentioned before and in a post I wrote a few months ago, is a cashback and special offers website. It is legit, pays on time and exactly was they show on your account and you can really save using this tool.


All you need to do is go to the website, register (click on the logo on the left and you’ll be redirected there with my referral) and then search the more than 1,500 stores that they work with. Every store has at least a savings coupon or some percentage of cashback, so, it’s great!

Even though it has mainly US shops, they have been expanding the selection and they now work with several online stores that ship worldwide or that have local websites.

They recently released a browser app that allows you to immediately locate and activate a cashback – while browsing online and without needing to go to the ebates website – and I’m loving it. I mean, if you are already thinking of buying something, why not buy it with a coupon and some cashback, right?

On my next post, I’ll write about other types of websites where you can save a lot of money.

Check back tomorrow for part III!


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