How do you start your day?

I had already a post lined up to upload today, but then I stumbled upon this infographic from Funders and Founders (by Anna Vital).


Entrepreneurship, motivation, leadership, success, startups… words that have been on our constant vocabulary at home for the past 2 years, but more so in the past 2 months. I’ve been reading lots of articles and blogs, browsing online {and on Pinterest – that’s the best way to find great articles you wouldn’t find on Google}, chatting with fellow bloggers, and I now know one thing for sure.

What works for you may not work for anyone else, and what works for you today may not even work for you in six months or a year. 

There are dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of websites and books claiming to know the “key to success” or the “key to start your day in the most productive way”. They probably are supported by studies {the only ones that believe that clinical studies – specially those in sociology or psychology fields – all give just one answer, the right one, never actually ran a study}.

The fact is: with so many successful people, of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, shouldn’t we all stop trying to mimic someone else’s path and start making our own? Finding out what works for us?

I really believe in that. And I believe in starting my day with skim milk, a bit of soy milk and espresso powder in a cute mug. Hot in the winter, cold in the summer. As I’m drinking it, I need to have either CNN or Sic Notícias playing in the background {a portuguese TV station similar to CNN} while I turn my laptop on and check my email. I need this time to wake up. Then I really start my day. It takes me about 10 minutes and then I’m done. And I feel more productive. On days that I skip this, it feels like something is missing. But then plan B – to wake me up – comes and takes charge. =) {And when I say plan B, I’m talking about coffee. Lots of espressos. European style.}

But this is how it is for me, right now. It doesn’t mean that in a few months or years I’ll still be the same. And that’s great. =)

How about you? Do you have a morning routine? Has it been the same for a long time?

Hope to hear from you! Have a wonderful day and see you tomorrow!

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  • November 13, 2013 at 1:45 pm

    Having a routine is really important… and even better if it is one that is productive:) I take time to read Scripture, eat breakfast and plan my day.

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