Today I spent the whole day going through all my academic stuff and reading my curriculum vitae to see if I made any mistake, and my head is so full right now that the only thing I want to leave you today is hope. Hope that it will turn out the way I so badly want to. Because I really believe I deserve it. And I believe that is already halfway to any kind of goal. I know tomorrow I’m gonna feel better but today, this is how I’m feeling.

To me, the best way to clear my mind when I have a day like this is going on YouTube and quickly search for two or three favorite songs. A lot more songs have this effect on me but these are the ones I’m listening to right now and I absolutely love them. I don’t really pay that much attention to the lyrics, although I know the lyrics, it’s not because of them that I like the songs. For example, the 3rd song is on my favorite list because I heard it over and over on the radio while roadtripping in America. =) I don’t know why but they put me in a calmer mood and make me feel better about things.

So, hear them out and I’d like to hear from you if you have any favorite songs for when you’re feeling even a bit disheartened.

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