Healthy Habits II

Today I just want to share a really quick tip to add to your healthy habits: get a lot of veggies and fruit and freeze some.

I don’t know if you’re a smoothie kind of person. I am. Specially in the afternoon, when I want an energy boost, and in the warmer days.

I got a lot of really good and fresh food a few days ago and yesterday I did something that I’ve seen a lot of times as a good healthy tip. Put small servings of fresh food in the freezer, and then you’ll have really quick and frozen servings for your smoothies.

I did that with strawberries and raspberries and today I used the first serving of strawberries and it was good and quick. I mean, if you’re used to use ice on your smoothies, why not just use frozen fruit? =)

And you gotta admit, those are pretty berries! =)




And also another tip, get a lot of fresh veggies. I always have carrots, tomatoes, peppers and try to have any type of cabbage and lettuce. And seriously, eat more fruit. =) The mangoes on the pics below were awesome. Really good this time of the year 😉

You can actually get some of the veggies in bulk and prepare, for example, diced carrots, and freeze them. =)

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