Healthy Habits I

Today I’m gonna start sharing some of my “newly-gained” healthy habits. When 2012 started, I promised myself this would be the year I would make a change. One of the things I wanted – and still do – to change, is becoming more healthy. Not only weight-related but also lifestyle-related.

I started by counting calories, not to be obsessed with it, but because I feel it’s a good way to really learn the portions, serving sizes and nutrients we should be eating every day. After that, I got my UP by Jawbone bracelet and I’ve been using it since January 12th.

But there are two things that I can’t go without right now: healthy homemade food and working out. I’ve been working out at least an hour a day and since January 1st I probably only skipped three or four days. I’ve been feeling great and more energized and I know that’s one of the reasons why.

In what comes to cooking, today is a great example of what I’ve been doing. For lunch we had a simple carrot cream soup and grilled beef with salad. It’s so simple and by doing it yourself you can really control what’s in it.

My carrot cream soup is really the simplest there can be. Onions and garlic with a tablespoon of olive oil to start; when golden add the carrots, one potato and some boiling water. Let it all cook until softened and then you just need to smash it all up in the way you prefer. I use a hand blender and it works great. After this, you can add a bit of water to adjust the creaminess. Mine is usually like this one below. And it tastes really good.


And then, for a simple beef meal, you just add a bit of salt and grill it. No oil added. Use a nonstick pan. It’s better. And for the salad, I love this combination: carrots, tomatoes, red pepper and green pepper. Great! Easy and simple and you get all the nutrients you need. =)


Do you have any healthy habits you want to share? Please let me know below! Have a good night!

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