Health Journal #2 – Getting inspiration for workouts

My boyfriend is a Physical Education Teacher, wrestler and owns and runs a gym. With that said, I do have a simple way to clear some doubts in what comes to which exercises I should be doing. Nevertheless, I always like to browse online and try out different things.

I work out at home and I have an elliptical trainer, a kettlebell, some weights, Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus. I also have some DVDs which I’ll use every so often. But my problem with DVDs is that if I don’t like the routines or exercises the first few times I use them, I’ll leave them alone and more than often won’t ever use them.

It is really easy to fall into a boring routine. I love my elliptical so I’ll just do it. If I didn’t make a conscious effort, I would just do that every day. So what I try to do is limit the elliptical to three times a week and leave the other three to try different things. Right now I’m doing that kettlebell challenge I mentioned last week (click here to see last week’s entry) but I’m thinking of starting one of those 30, 60 or 90 days systems.

And with that in mind, a few days ago, I saw one video by Laura Vitale, on her Laura’s Topics YouTube channel where she reviews 4 workout systems. She makes great points regarding what a balanced workout routine should be. Check out the video below and go to her channel to get more info.

I have the P90X and the 30-day Shred by Jillian Michaels. I liked the exercises on the 30-day Shred but for some reason I didn’t do the whole 30 days. And the P90X was a bit too intimidating for me. After watching Laura’s video, I might just do it! I mean, it wasn’t cheap so I might as well do it.

But when I talk about getting inspiration for workouts, I’m not just talking about browsing online for videos and workout routines. I’m also talking about thinking of different ways to challenge yourself. For example, my elliptical trainer is my bestie. So what I’ll do to challenge myself is look at the estimated calories burned and always try to beat my record (given that I usually do it for 60 minutes). And this week I beat my own record, 700 calories!


Another way to get inspired, not for workouts but for the actual working out, is compromising. I used to be really lazy and procrastinator in what comes to working out. So I scoped my day and found out that I was spending at least one hour watching TV shows or YouTube videos every day – and that is easier than you may think, it just takes one 40 minute TV show and two or three YT videos. That wasn’t working for me so I compromised and made the commitment to keep watching the shows or videos, but only while working out. And in about two weeks I was working out every day.

I heard somewhere that to make a workout session effective, you need to change the emotional charge and meaning that it may have. And making it fun was enough to make me want to work out every day. That was about a year and a half ago and now I don’t even need to be watching something to have a great workout session! =)

See you next week! Have a great one!

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