Health Journal #1 – workouts and recipes!

Hi guys! And it’s already Sunday! Wow! This week flew by!

Like I told you last Sunday, today I’m officially starting my Health Journals! Yippee!

Every week will have a different layout and probably a different theme, but this week I want to talk about my workouts and some recipes I came up with throughout the week.


I’ve been using the MyFitnessPal App on my iPad to track my workouts and, even though it’s not perfect, it helps me not to forget what I did on each day. I try to workout at least 4 times per week, and I usually do it everyday except Sunday. For the past year I’ve done mostly elliptical trainer but I’m trying to mix some more different types of exercises. So this week I also used my Wii Fit Plus and started a kettlebell challenge.

Let’s see, on Monday I did 30 mins on the elliptical, then 36 mins on the Wii Fit, and then the Kettlebell challenge.


(this is the 300 Kettlebell Challenge by Greg Brookes and you can get it here)

This challenge is fun and quite hard. I’ll for sure keep on doing it. =)

Then, on Tuesday, I only spent about 30 minutes on the Wii Fit Plus, on the Advanced Step. I love it! =)


Wednesday was a rest day and Thursday I went back to the elliptical and did 60 minutes.
Then on Friday we decided to drive to my hometown and surprise my parents and grandma, so it was a self-appointed rest day. But on Saturday I got to use my parents treadmill, which I love! I had hurt my left foot during the day so I wasn’t on my top game but it was a good workout. =)

These workouts or some sort of routine that I have may not work for you. But you should at least try and be active for 30 minutes every day. And being active may be just going for a walk or using the stairs instead of the elevator. You don’t need exercise machines or any kind of tool =)




I’m not dieting and I kind of don’t believe in dieting. I believe in changing the eating habits and making them healthier.

I try to have soup or salad everyday at least once. I always have veggies in the fridge and I have an amazing robot that makes it a lot easier (see my review of my Moulinex Robot here).

On top of that this week I dipped my feet in the pond of juicing and I tried a combination that I now love. I did that on Wednesday and we had that same juice for the next three days. It’s an apple, orange and lemon juice and you can see the recipe here. Not only the fruits are obviously good for you, but the peels and specially the lemon peel, have a lot of nutrients that you loose when you squeeze them.

Also I came up with a very good pumpkin, spinach and ginger soup (click here to see the recipe)! It’s a different take on my usual carrot or pumpkin cream soup and I love it! It’s also really good for you!

This was my week until Friday. Then we spent the weekend with my parents and grandma and they spoiled us. Shrimp, champagne, Portuguese Stew (I’ll write a post describing this during the next week – I took a lot of pics), roasted turkey leg… I didn’t go overboard though.

And this is it for my first Healthy Journal entry! I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you next week!


Keep healthy and be happy!

Sofia @ Something on Everything

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