Have you visited my CafePress shop?

I love Photography! And since I bought my Fujifilm X10, I’ve taken a lot of pretty cool photos. {ahem}

Well, I’ve always been that kind of girl that loves personalized gifts. I think they show you’ve put some extra effort in looking for the perfect gift, according to the personality of the recipient. I’ve always tried to do that. And I’ve even personalized some items with photos that I took to give to family members.

And now, you can do it too!

cafepress shop 1

I’ve opened a CafePress.com shop and there you can find about 70-80 different products, personalized with 38 designs: 23 flower; 4 food; 4 animal; 3 nature; 4 holiday/christmas. Also, there’s a really cool “Mugs for Lefties” section where you’ll find the perfect gift for the left handed in your life!

cafepress shop 2

The name of the shop is Something On Everything Online Emporium and you can visit it here. But you may want to bookmark it also, as it will come in handy during holiday season or birthdays. You can also go to the shop by clicking on the photo on the sidebar. =)

Oh and have I mentioned that CafePress hosts a lot of promos during the regular year? They have cashback through Ebates.com and lots of coupons through Retailmenot.com.

Check out some of my favorite products below =) And have a great week! (this is my birthday week!! Woohoo!!)

cafepress shop 3

cafepress shop 4cafepress shop 5cafepress shop 6cafepress shop 7

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