Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you’re having a nice day wherever you’re reading this! =)


Today I want to share with you a photo of me when I was little, I’m guessing about 5/6 yrs old, and had a costume on. It wasn’t for Halloween, at that time Portugal didn’t really have any Halloween tradition, but it was for “Carnaval” – our Mardi Gras in February/ March.

The costumes me and my sister used were made by my mom and grandma, and my mom did our makeup. Even though I don’t look amused in this pic, I do remember loving this clock costume!

Last year I hoped that this year I would already be living in the States and would be able to really have a Halloween experience. Well, not yet. But they’re not having such a good Halloween anyways, at least in the East Coast. Hope everyone is at least safe and sound.

Tonight we’re gonna watch a Walking Dead episode and maybe a horror movie, if we can find one that I like eheh =) What are your plans for today? Going trick or treating? Party? Share in the comment section below!

Have a great day everyone!

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