Happy Children’s Day!

Children’s Day is actually celebrated on various days in many places around the world. Wikipedia explains: Major global variants include a Universal Children’s Day on November 20, but is often celebrated on other days as well. International Day for Protection of Children, observed in many countries as Children’s Day on June 1 since 1950, is said to have been established by the Women’s International Democratic Federation on its November 1949 congress in Paris.

In Portugal, we celebrate it on June 1 and that is today! So, even though it’s a day to celebrate children, we can all use a day a year to celebrate our inner child. eheh That’s probably just an excuse to get an ice cream or something that reminds us of being kids. I believe in not totally letting go of our best things from when we were kids, and this is the perfect day to do some of them. Climb a tree, run for no reason, play like crazy with your pet, have an ice cream or a popsicle, just have fun! =)


And yes, I could go on and talk about a more serious part of this day, recalling the lots of work the world still needs to do to protect children, but… I won’t. Today while watching the news at 1pm, 80% of the news were negative. Unemployment rates are up, people murdered due to family heritage issues, policemen beating a man because he didn’t want to identify himself, and so on. So, today, just today, don’t think if bad things. Enjoy the day as a kid and have fun with your kids (own children, friends, family, whoever they are!)!

And, happy friday!

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