Happy birthday to my love!


Today is my boyfriend’s birthday. He is amazing. And I would do anything for him. Every year I try to make his day a really special one. Usually we spend his birthday at his hometown, but this year it wasn’t possible so, we just stayed home. Actually, he worked all day.

Instead of giving him a pricey store-bought gift, I came up with a surprise special favorites day. =) Most of the surprises were food items, but still… it turned out great and he loved it!

The night before, I got up in the middle of the night to bake him blueberry muffins for his breakfast. Gave him 4 gifts, each at different times of the day, and every one a practical gift. I gave him a box of Fruit Loops, a big smoothie glass, a 2lbs. bag of peanuts and an after-shave. As you can see, nothing fancy, but things he loves and wasn’t expecting. Oh, and his birthday cake was Red Velvet, which he loves 😉 – and so do I!

And then, I made his favorites meals! And that’s all you need to give your loved one a special day. You just need to show you care. =)

Here are some of the photos from today =) Hope to get you somewhat inspired! You really don’t need to spend a lot of money to give a special gift! =)

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