Happy Birthday Sis!


Today is my sister’s birthday! (it’s already May 7 in Portugal, so it’s okay! eheh) She’s actually three years older than me, but I just love the pic above, so I chose it to illustrate this post =) If you’ve been following this blog, then you’ve heard (a lot) about how she lives really far away from us (Portugal/United States). Even though it’s hard, it’s for the best reason possible and she’s the happiest I’ve seen her in my entire life =) So, it’s worth it!

Every year I try to excel in what comes to her bday gifts. Last year we flew my parents and grandma to spend her birthday with her and my brother in law so, this year, I knew it would be hard to give anything that would even compare to that. I would’ve loved to be at least a bit closer to her on this day but as that isn’t possible, I had to think of other possibilities.

I actually found two gifts – objects – that I knew she will love. But… well, that’s not enough. So, I will need your help to the second part of my bday presie to my sister. I will make my mission to get her as many birthday wishes as I can. How? I’m gonna tweet as crazy to as many people I know and don’t know, hoping they’ll send a birthday tweet to my sis. =) Aaaaaaand…. I created a page here on my blog, where you can go and leave her a short birthday wish. =)

Even if you don’t know her, trust me, she deserves it =)

So, if you have a Twitter account, go to @draculusa and send her a birthday wish with the hashtag #HappyBdaySis. I promise you that everyone I see doing this I will follow. But you have to use #HappyBdaySis or I won’t know who did it.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, just click on this link. =)

Happy birthday sis! Hope you have a wonderful one! (and I hope this part of my presie works #fingerscrossed and you like it)

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