Greek Yogurt Quick Dessert =)


If you’ve been with me here for some time, you now know that sometimes we just want a quick sweet fix around here. I’ve shared some greek yogurt quick desserts and this one is just another one, but slightly different. =)

All you need is greek yogurt, frozen berries, cookies, dried coconut and honey. But, as you also may know, you can swap any of these toppings. =)



Having the ingredients, you just need to layer. I like to start with a tablespoon of yogurt, then a layer of berries, then two more tablespoons of yogurt and then the toppings. Here I just powdered one cookie per glass and then added a drizzle of coconut. And as the greek yogurt was unsweetened, I drizzled with a bit of honey.

It was really good and just sweet enough to kill that sweet tooth of mine =)

Try something like this the next time you want something sweet and quick! Look around, see what you have at home and try different combinations! Just have fun!

See you tomorrow!

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