Grandma’s “violet” birthday cake, photo-by-photo =)


As I told you yesterday, I made a cake for my grandma’s birthday and today I want to share a simple post showing you the result.

It wasn’t the best looking cake I’ve made but, it sure was delicious!

I used a Classic Yellow Cake Mix with red and blue food coloring, so it would be purple. (Violets are my grandma’s favorite flowers, hence the color scheme). It was a bit darker than it should, but I promise that in real life, the cake looked a bit more purple as it does on the photos.

So, as I was saying, I baked the cake in two different sized pans, to make a two-layer stair cake. The bottom layer I filled with the lemon curd I made a few days ago and the top layer with a really simple strawberry-rum jam that I also made (I’ll make a post on that later on).

Between the layers I used just a bit of whip cream (it was the only thing my mom had in the house that was quick and easy to use) and then covered it with the cream cheese frosting that I always use. The frosting turned out quite soft this time around, don’t know why, and it didn’t look as pretty as it usually does. But I got to use a bit of the frosting to write down the number “78” and the word “Parabéns” which means congratulations.

Yes, it wasn’t that pretty, but it was cute. And the combination of flavors was amazing! =) Really!

Check out the gallery below to see a photo-by-photo of the description I just wrote =)

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