Golden Cookie

Today I want to share a quick way to embellish your cookies. Yesterday I made a batch of my cinnamon cookies and while I was placing them on the cookie sheet, I saw my “Cake Making Box” (where I keep bits of left over fondant, glitter, food coloring, etc) and I wondered how it would look if I put a bit of golden glitter on top of the cookies before going to the oven.

As I genuinely thought it would burn, I only put the glitter on top of one. =) And as it turned out, it works! Looks so cool and it’s totally imprinted so you don’t have powder coming of the cookie.

I know, you probably already knew about this – I’m learning this kind of stuff by trial-error – but I think it’s really a cool and easy way to transform your regular cookies into dressier cookies! =) I’m already thinking about a lot of different possibilities and combinations for a lot of upcoming holidays! Oh, the thrill! eheheh I’ll keep you posted on this matter. =)

Actually the cookie I chose cracked a bit more than I wanted, but doesn’t it look so pretty? =) Golden coin = Golden cookie!

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