Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Review

I’ve wanted to try this BB cream since I first heard of it. I like Garnier and I’ve used a lot of this brand’s products since I was a teen. I read a lot of both negative and positive reviews so, I needed to see for myself how this worked for my skin.



First, the claims. This is supposed to be a Miracle Skin Perfector, with 5-in-1 effects (in some languages on the back of the tube, it is even all-in-one, as you can see in the photo above):

– evens tone + boosts glow

– blurs imperfections

– smoothes fine lines

– 24hr hydration

– SPF 15 UV protection

Well. The only thing I couldn’t check for myself was the SPF. So, that’s one down, four to go. The color I got is Light and it looks like this:


The box explained a bit more of the claims and the product:


I used this several times in the past few weeks and this was even the only product I took with me on my Easter trips. I’ve been having some problems with dry patches on my skin due to my allergies so, no foundation I have is working. Given that this is a cream, and it’s supposed to have a hydration of 24hours, I thought this could work.

Let’s go claim by claim.

Evens tone + boosts glow

It does even my skin and it’s obvious instantly after applying. But the glow that the product leaves on my skin is a little bit too much for me. I always had to use powder after it. I couldn’t apply it and leave home without powder and I even had to put some more powder during the day (and it’s a good powder).

Blurs imperfections

Blur is the keyword. It doesn’t cover but it does blur some of my smaller, lighter imperfections. Good enough for me, given that this is a cream.

Smoothes fine lines

No, not at all. I even noticed that the glow it leaves on the skin makes my fine lines around the eyes more evident. Big no-no. But I did feel that my skin is a bit smoother overall.

24hr hydration

Hmm… this is a pretty good hydrating cream. But I used it when I really needed good hydration for my skin and it wasn’t enough. I always compare these hydrating creams to my all-time favorite cream to deal with my dry allergy season skin – Vichy Lumineuse Tinted Moisturizer – and it isn’t as good. And it gave my driest patches a not-so-good look. But I’ve also used it in some better skin days and I did feel that it was a good enough moisturizer.

Overall this is a good enough cream for me. Is it a miracle skin perfector? No. But it’s good enough for those days that you’re feeling a bit sluggish and not needing the full coverage of a foundation. I don’t see this working for really dry skin though. It will make the dry areas look more dry and grainy. Also, if you’re not a fan of really dewy and glowy – borderline shiny – skin, you may need to wear some powder (and take it with you throughout the day).

I can see this working perfectly for those Summer days when I’m off to the beach or just hanging out. My skin won’t be as dry and I probably won’t be needing or wanting a foundation coverage. I just wish it had a higher SPF for those days.

Have a great week!

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