Frustration, same old, same old. =)


Humans learn best from trial and error. I wrote a post using a title similar to this sentence last June, when I was in the process of making the Rainbow Cake for one of my friends’ birthday.

In what comes to baking – and cooking in general – most of the things I know today, I learned from trial and error. The rest I learned from my mom and grandma.

It’s not that I want to compete with professional bakers. It’s just that I am a perfectionist. The idea in my head usually isn’t something that I know how to make, and because of that, I always always always try my best. And in the process, I always always always get stressed.

I’m not gonna say a lot of what I’ve been doing in the past few days. You will have to come back to the website tomorrow to check that out.

But I want to finish this small frustrated post with one thought that keeps me from completely hating the finished result of today’s work: It’s the thought that counts. =)

Come back tomorrow to see pics from what I’m talking about.

Oh and a quick sidenote, I’m working on a new video. The photo below is a small preview 😉 Subscribe to the YouTube Channel, Facebook page or this website to be notified when it goes up.



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