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Wow! What to say in the first post? I want to talk about so much stuff! Should I blog about a tv show? A website? Something in the news today?

First of all I’m gonna ask you to read the “Home” section on the top right corner so you can find out somethings about me.

As of my first topic ever, I guess I’m gonna start with a website that I’m currently obsessed with.

Some years ago, my sister Cristina started to love make up. She follows a lot of make up channels on youtube, make up gurus on twitter, personal websites, and so on. I don’t remember why or exactly when but some time ago I saw one of her tweets, stating that she liked a video of xsparkage. I saw the video, kinda liked it but it wasn’t really a priority for me back then so I put it in my favorites to rest a little.

Last August, I was so bored that I started looking through my favorites on my iPad. I think I saw maybe 20 websites before Xsparkage’s but that was the only one that really caught my attention. I was browsing her website and youtube page for two or three hours!

You can click on the snapshot of her logo to go and visit the website – but please do that after reading all the post ;P


For those of you who don’t know this website yet, the author’s name is Leesha and she’s a makeup guru. There’s a really cool video about her on the page, that I really think you should see, it kinda explains it all ( really is about everything beauty. Not only makeup tutorials, which are the brightest and prettiest ones I’ve seen, but also how-to’s, product reviews, photos and swatches of products. And also, Leesha apparently loves deals, so she shares her favorite deal sites, which is great. Actually it was where I found out about Hautelook, but I’m sure I’ll write about that another day.

Leesha has done so much in such a short time. She has only been in youtube for about 4 years and her channel has had over ten millions views! That’s amazing!

I love how the videos are simple and funny and just look like she’s talking to us.

The tutorials have changed the way I use my makeup, I’ve learned how to use the things I have. I have some videos on my favorites, mostly tutorials of looks that I want to try in the next few special occasions.

There’s one thing that I absolutely adore: open box videos! O-M-G! I love online shopping and in these videos, Leesha opens boxes, literally, of new stuff she got. And it’s awesome! Watching those videos help me with my shopping cravings =)

One thing I’m kinda bummed is that I can’t find Leesha’s Project 365 anymore… I saw it in Shuttercal a few weeks ago but now I can’t find it again and the link on her website is broken so, guess I’m gonna look some more.

I follow xsparkage in most of the social media platforms she’s in and my advice is that you do it too. Not only because she really does a good job, but it’s a really fun and cool way of spending time while learning things.

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