Fall is here! =) (and yes, I know it was a few days ago)


Four days ago, on the 22nd, my favorite season of the year started.

I always remember myself as an Autumn lover. I love how the leaves change colors, how the sometimes-excruciating hot weather we have in the summer changes to cool breezes with beautiful blue sky. =) Even the worst looking gardens look prettier to me if they have those beautiful Fall leaves – and the best example is the garden in the back of our building. =)

Around this time of the year, I change all my wallpapers, desktop, phone, ipad, you name it. I don’t think that I do with any other season. And could you blame me? Just look at some of the photos that I found online and will be on my “wallpaper” rotation this season. =) The first is the one that is being used right now. But aren’t they pretty? =)

One day I’ll take some photos of my own on the Berkshires. =) Massachusetts has the prettiest leaf-changing photos!

Oh and I also love the so-called Fall fashion. I’m not a fashion addict – I’m laughing just thinking about how far off I am of it – but I do have favorites to wear around this time of the year. Maybe I’ll do some posts. Who knows? =)

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